Advanced Supply Chain Management 

  3 Modules
  Asynchronous + Interactive sessions
  24*7 Technical Support
  FTI Approved

Admission Requirements

  • You need a computer (with at least 8GB RAM and 100GB free space) Linux, Mac or Windows
  • Access to the Internet
  • English language proficiency
  • Experience in blockchain or project management is useful but not necessary


This 42-hour, 5 module course addresses the means of creating customer value in manufacturing and service businesses through the design and implementation of effective internal operations management (OM) in relation to supply chain management (SCM). Topics include product, service, and process design, capacity planning and utilization, facilities planning, cost controls, materials management, work and resource scheduling, statistical process control, supply chain management, and quality assurance. Project management is presented in relation to SCM/OM concepts and enterprise applications.

Note: Graduates of both supply chain programs are eligible to write the Supply Chain Professional (SCP™) exam as part of the Foundation Technologies Institute’s credentialing process.  


95% of supply chain professionals kept their jobs during the pandemic with salaries remaining solid.  Since 2019, workloads for supply chain professionals have increased and there has become a greater need for risk management, digital supply chain, and leadership expertise. 

Though the past year has been stressful, supply chain professionals continue to report high job satisfaction. According to the Supply Chain Salary and Career Report 2021, on a 1-10 scale, 70% of those surveyed rated career satisfaction in the supply chain industry with an 8 or higher, with 88% having a positive outlook on their career. These stated that they would recommend supply chain as a fulfilling professional path for others. 

You’ll be able to use your skills (almost) anywhere because the supply chain industry and the management of it is a vital part of almost every organization. This means that your expertise will be in demand across a vast range of fields. Whether you want to work for a manufacturer, a producer, a transportation company, a wholesaler, or a retailer digital marketing agency for your favourite brand, or even for a charity – you’ll always be able to work on something you’re passionate about and you will be developing an invaluable set of transferable skills for any role you decide to pursue. 



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