Curriculum & Learning Management Systems (LMS) Coordinator

vancouver, BC

Job Description

blocksEDU Learning Corporation is curriculum developer that offers educational courses, programs and workshops to universities, corporations and organizations on a global scale.This position will establish and oversee the curriculum development process from identifying target audiences and learning needs to interacting with all curriculum developers (Subject Matter Experts (SME)) both internally and externally. This position will include the onboarding of educational resources, courses and programs onto our Learning Management System (LMS) and onto the LMS of our partners, including the assignment and co-ordinating of instructors. blocksEDU is a fast-growing organization who is passionate about educating the world in emerging technology and corporate social responsibility. We believe that the future of education is digital and should be readily accessible, preparing students for dynamic careers founded in new technology.

About You

Just like us, you are a self-starter with an entrepreneurial mindset who is driven to provide a seamless customer experience that is personalized, consistent, timely and memorable. A person who thrives in an autonomous work environment with the ability to work independently to prioritize and achieve a number of tasks. As a Curriculum and Learning Management Coordinator, you will cultivate and maintain strategic relationships with our partners ensuring the highest degree of professionalism and accountability while recognizing their ongoing needs, exercising effective problem resolution as needed. Ideal candidates will support all key business initiatives and strategies with critical focus and attention to detail. You are someone who executes work processes efficiently and diligently who demonstrates a commitment to quality service. Someone who is highly motivated, compelled to take action without additional prompting or supervision and is comfortable working at a start-up organization.


  • Working with leaders and subject matter experts to identify target audiences & learning needs.
  • Create learning objectives that define specific measurable actions and instructional goals.
  • Oversee design (re-design) and development (re-development) of new and existing curriculums, courses and programs.
  • Develop strategies for integrating learning solutions with digital learning methodologies ensuring a smooth blended approach that supports a learner-centric experience.
  • Oversee design, development and modification of e-learning courses/programs using a combination of media including text, graphics, animation, audio, video and interactive content to maximize engagement.
  • Conduct “Train the Trainer” workshops to help SME effectively create new courses and to redesign existing courses.
  • Support the launch of courses onto our clients platforms. 
  • Manage multiple deadlines by prioritizing tasks and overseeing curriculum development projects.
  • Conduct research, administer education policies and manage programs.
  • Schedule and coordinate instructors, webinars, courses and manage existing instructors and courseware developers. 
  • Recommend proactive suggestions with regards to process improvements and other areas pertaining to onboarding materials and education resources. 
  • Develop teaching materials and other resources for program delivery. 
  • Other duties as required or apparent to ensure academic and professional standards


  • Able to organize, plan, prioritize, and monitor learning projects.
  • Able to write effective instructional texts and audio/video scripts.
  • Ability to communicate effectively in a professional and cordial manner through oral, written and visual communications with others at all levels in the company.
  • Assimilate into a fast-paced environment demonstrating effective time management skills and the capacity to meet deadlines. 
  • Prioritizing objectives and achieving fundamental responsibilities while exercising the appropriate use of urgency when needed.  
  • Strong decision-making and analytical skills, including problem solving and needs analysis. 
  • The ability to remain focused and motivated, to work effectively in a telecommuting style work environment. 
  • Intellectual flexibility, the ability to demonstrate and integrate new information.
  • Cross team collaboration, working together to achieve a common goal or strategic objective.   
  • Experience using existing virtual communication methods, e.g., webinars, video and team collaborating tools etc. 

Required Training & Experience

  • Industry certifications in instructional design or curriculum development.
  • 3-5 years equivalent experience in curriculum design and development.
  • Post-secondary degree in education or similar field is an asset. 
  • Hands on working experience with Thinkific, Brightspace, Moodle or other Learning Management System is beneficial but not a requirement. 

Reports to

Chief Operations Officer (COO)


$50k to $60k per year


Vancouver, BC

Position Type

Full-time, Permanent

Telecommuting Info

Remote work environment

Date Prepared

February 16, 2021

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