Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility Workshops
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Introduction to Corporate Social Responsibility


  • Learn how marketing techniques can improve social influence and market presence.
  • Explore how brand activism can improve revenue, brand recognition and customer loyalty.
  • Review case studies on the most creative brand management practices in CSR.    

Sustainable Investing

  • Discover why sustainability reporting is a critical consideration for any future-facing company.
  • Learn all major Canadian and international stock markets tracking corporate sustainability.
  • Get your company listed on a high-performing sustainability index.
  • Explore CSR metrics and rating methodology used by Dow Jones and Morgan Stanley.

Corporate social Responsibility strategy setting


  • Discover the project management basics behind the roll-out of a major CSR initiative.
  • Design and communicate the CSR strategy for your organization.
  • Develop projects that are tailored to your unique organizational strengths.    

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