Introduction to Supply Chain Management & Logistics


  42 hours on-demand video
  5 modules



This 42-hour, five-module course introduces logistics and supply chain management as an integrated discipline practiced in the private and public sectors. It is designed to provide an overview of logistics functions and their application to supply chain management. Emphasis is on the total integration of the supply chain from raw material production through end customer support and final disposal. After completing this course, you will have a better opportunity for career growth as a clerk, officer, assistant, manager, coordinator or manager in warehouse, procurement, distribution, facilities, logistics, supply chain, purchasing, scheduling and customs. 


The world is a supply chain. Everything around your room, office, and home got there due to supply chain management. The clothing on your back travelled thousands of miles – and back again in some cases – and that is due to supply chain management.  

Before the Pandemic of 2019, leaders of organizations viewed supply chain management as an expense. After experiencing global shutdowns and supply chain disruptions, the supply chain discipline is now viewed as a competitive advantage. As seen during the pandemic, supply chain management played a critical role in keeping goods moving. The pandemic has significantly increased the demand for supply chain professionals and understanding the supply chain process will give you an edge in the competition of the professional world. 

95% of supply chain professionals kept their jobs during the pandemic with salaries remaining solid. Since 2019, workloads for supply chain professionals have increased and there has become a greater need for risk management, digital supply chain, and leadership expertise.  

Though the past year has been stressful, supply chain professionals continue to report high job satisfaction. According to the Supply Chain Salary and Career Report 2021, on a 1-10 scale, 70% of those surveyed rated career satisfaction in the supply chain industry with an 8 or higher, with 88% having a positive outlook on their career. These stated that they would recommend supply chain as a fulfilling professional path for others. 

The COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated the importance of the supply chain discipline, and we continue to feel the impact on our post-pandemic world. As leaders of organizations look to re-evaluate their supply chain strategies and networks, they will need individuals that specialize in this discipline. With the current shortage of supply chain talent, organizations are now paying top dollar for supply chain professionals, as leaders now view an efficient supply chain as a competitive advantage rather than an expense. 



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