Sustainable Energy Technologies

Sustainable Energy Technologies Workshops
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On Campus

Our 120 and 160-hour SET certificate programs will equip students with the tools needed to design, implement and manage all major sustainable energy projects.


Our online SET courses will provide students and working professionals with foundations in renewable energy, smart city design and the most transformative innovations of the century.


Our SET workshop series can be held in half-day, full-day and multi-day sessions. These courses are designed for professionals interested in solar, wind, hydro, IoT and smart city design.

Energy Fundamentals


  • Learn about the relationship between energy and the environment
  • Define differences between alternative forms of electricity generation
  • Become well-versed in the financial terminology of the energy sector

Solar Energy

  • Participate in planning, design and development processes
  • Understand efficiency rise, price reduction and growth trajectories that these projects have experienced worldwide
  • Explain the basic mechanics of solar power systems
  • Discover innovations revolutionizing the industry

Wind Energy


  • Examine how wind energy is captured, converted, and utilized.
  • Master the mechanics of wind turbines.
  • Learn how to build residential or commercial projects
  • Overcome barriers to wind power installations

Hydro & Nuclear Energy

  • Learn how hydropower is captured, converted, and used
  • Understand the basics behind nuclear power
  • Learn what the future of fusion holds
  • Explore how hydro and nuclear power can impact climate change


    Future Cities


    • Learn green building guidelines (LEED, BOMA, and BREEAM).
    • Learn how energy innovations are shaping transport, agriculture and urban environments
    • Discover the technology behind electric cars and Hyperloop trains.
    • Learn how smart architecture and the Internet-of-Things (IoT) will reshape cities.


    • Determine the most suitable energy projects for any organization.
    • Conduct cost-benefit analysis and present a strong business case
    • Understand the major financial structures available
    • Measure, evaluate, and report on the performance of any energy project.

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