Founder & CEO of India Blockchain Alliance

Raj Kapoor

Many skeptics are beginning to wonder if the “Year of Blockchain” will ever arrive. Blockchain isn’t a cure-all but there are many problems for which this technology is the ideal solution. We continue to see banks, brokerages, insurers, regulators and others actively testing ways to harness the benefits of blockchain. The journey has only just begun…

As the world is moving forward at such a rapid pace, it is important to evolve. Evolution is important not only for humans but also for industries to stay in line with the developments. In the modern era, Tech is refining the age old working systems of several industries. Finance is one amidst many sectors that is absorbing the benefits of technology, to leap forward. It is taking one step at a time to synchronize with the modern day trends. Digital ledger, automated software’s and blockchain are some key examples of an integrated fintech approach.