Online Tech Education: The New Skyrocketing Market in India

blocksEDU Learning Corp., an up-and-coming emerging technology education firm, has recently partnered with India STEM Alliance (ISA). This joint effort emerged for one key goal: to bring technology education and employment to thousands in India, in turn providing outstanding skills in a competitive global market. This exciting partnership is just what the world needs during this difficult time of COVID-19. Both the E-learning and emerging technology markets have been skyrocketing in India in recent years. In fact, the online market for education in India is expecting an 8X growth between 2017 and 2021, with a user base reaching from 1.57 to 9.6 million users, according to a 2017 study by Google and KPMG. Among the factors driving the demand found in the study, reskilling and online certification courses among IT professionals are the largest, totaling 38% of the national market share.

blocksEDU’s courses, specifically Blockchain, Corporate Social Responsibility and Renewable Energy Technology, support the current mandate in India. In 2020, the Indian IT Minister, Ravi Shankar Prasad, requested that blockchain solutions be developed and implemented to help govern schools, banks, and government.

In a similar vein, India as a whole has mandated legislation known as the “2 Percent Bill” that requires large companies to spend at least 2 percent of profits annually on initiatives related to corporate social responsibility. Examples include adopting initiatives for companies to get off fossil fuels, or by introducing internal programs which address pressing environmental and social needs, such as planting trees or gender equality.

“With India STEM Alliance, where we work with top end partners, we work with governments, we work with all stakeholders, school, students, parents, non for profit – the idea was very simple: to bring STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) to the common human”, stated ISA founder, Raj Kapoor. The new partnership believes that it is exciting and innovative programs like these which, when combined, have massive potential to bring greater regulatory transparency to governance, greater ease to education, greater health to our planet, and greater brains coming out of a rapidly progressing and sustainably-focused India.

“With emerging technology education”, blocksEDU CEO, Wayne Van Damme adds, “We’re trying to make an impact – to make the world a little bit better by providing the knowledge for individuals to become entrepreneurs, and then bring that knowledge into life.” In the face of current market struggles, Coronavirus lockdown could actually give online education a lasting boost in India. This could result in an explosion of students and professionals who are more equipped to improve the planet’s future than ever before.

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India STEM Alliance —

India STEM Alliance is a science development think tank that believes in a future where universal access and exposure to STEM is possible for all. Built on the idea that a strong foundation in STEM is a critical component for global economic growth and social advancement, the think tank operates as an incubator for building new tools and insights to both understand and tackle fundamental issues of access in STEM education, outreach and communication. Today they work with over 3000+ member schools, 400+ private colleges and universities. They are present in 120+ cities pan India, 19 states and seven countries.

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