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K-12 Blockchain Technology Program “A look into the future

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This 15-hour, 3-course progressively elaborate online program provides effective opportunities to understand and apply all aspects of blockchain. It provides learners with the methods, skills, tools, and techniques required to have a far-reaching understanding of blockchain.

At the end of the program a learner should leave with the knowledge, vocabulary and understanding of the emerging technology called blockchain.

Graduates of the K-12 Blockchain Technology Program are issued a Certificate of Accomplishment from Foundation Technologies Institute.


· To clarify the concepts of blockchain while sparking the learners interest in blockchain

· To provide graduates with a solid foundation of knowledge, techniques and tools that cover every aspect of blockchain technology

· To enable graduates to gain and retain a competitive advantage in the blockchain space

Why Blockchain?

· The impact of blockchain technology is being felt across a wide range of industries including banking, healthcare, entertainment and supply chain management.

· Blockchains are fast becoming the backbone for the new digital economy.

· It is a disruptive technology that is rapidly generating new opportunities for employment.

· There is a global shortage of talent trained in blockchain technology and application development.

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