A study by business social network LinkedIn has placed “blockchain” as the #1  most in-demand job skill for the year 2020.

While blockchain is a relatively new entrant into LinkedIn’s annual list of top-demanded hard skills, a blog post from LinkedIn Learning dated January 13, 2020  states that the need for blockchain as a job skill has risen in demand, and overtaken other major hard skills including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cloud Computing and User Experience (UX) to become the top in-demand hard skills among global employers for the year 2020.

In the blog post, LinkedIn touts the promise of blockchain:

“Blockchain has emerged from the once shadowy world of cryptocurrency to become a business solution in search of problems. Which means that you don’t have to be in financial services to be seeking new hires who have background and expertise in putting blockchain to use. So, recruiters should start becoming familiar with how blockchain works, what its perceived benefits are, and who are the people best suited to help your company explore where this budding technology might have a role.”

Furthermore, Linkedin goes on to expound on the immense potential of blockchain technology delivering a  more efficient, secure and decentralized way of managing and tracking transactions of all types.

Bank of America, HSBC and a host of other international banks are now investing in blockchain to build security, yet, very few fully understand how it works. Additionally, other high-profile global firms such as Amazon, IBM, JPMorgan, Microsoft and Oracle are actively implementing the technology. 

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