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Our mission is to be the “World Leader in Micro-Credentialing Education Courseware Development”


We see the future of education where anyone, anywhere can transform their life by embracing micro-credentialing learning.


We see the world of education moving away from Higher Education (in-Class) to Hire education (Online) and we want to maintain the accreditation of HIGHER education, while providing for the needs of individuals to take affordable courses from anywhere at any time that assist them to get employed, stay employed or advance in their employment.


Our Education as a Service (EAS) model provides a cost-effective, no-risk opportunity for Universities, Colleges and Education Providers to quickly provide learner-focused in-demand education without having to incur the cost of building an Online platform or quality accredited courses. A turnkey, no risk, no cost, proven and ready-to-go solution – now.


Bank of America, HSBC and a host of other international banks are now investing in blockchain to build security, yet, very few fully understand how it works. At blocksEDU we break it down for you.


CSR is one of the fastest evolving components of Fortune 500 Companies, yet little exists in terms of ‘formal training’. That’s where we come in.


Electric cars, solar farms, and green cities will define the next decade, but only those who understand their mechanics can influence that change. We carry you from A to Z in this new frontier.


blocksEDU is a curriculum developer that offers quality education courses, programs, and workshops to universities, corporations, and organizations wanting to provide cutting-edge skill development and certification in the technologies of tomorrow.


“Very comprehensive, to-the-point, interesting and relevant case studies. Overall, I felt it provided enough foundation to confidently enter this emerging market” 

– Jacob

What a great Blockchain course… Great eye opener on a great technology. Awesome instructors.

– Ken

Courses are very easy to navigate, combined with an audio version and supported with reasonable assignments. Great job!

– Joseph

The materials have been easy to follow, and assignments very relevant and suitably challenging. I look forward to taking more courses!

– Pam

In 2021 I completed my Corporate Social Responsibility Professional (CSRP) designation from The Foundational Technologies Institute (FTI) and it is an achievement I’m very proud of. The course is balanced in content, variety, assignments, and approach. As a professional already working in the field of corporate social responsibility (CSR), I found the material to be easily applicable to my real-world goals and objectives while also providing me with new additional resources to pull from. As a result, this course will “level up” every student, whether new to the profession and looking for a foundational understanding, or a seasoned expert looking to formalize their work. I found the instructor to be responsive and incredibly knowledgeable. He went above and beyond what was expected by not only answering my questions pertaining to the program but also by showing a genuine interest in the work that I was doing, providing me with useful advice and direction. The flexibility of being able to tackle the workload at my own pace, to fit into my schedule, was an added bonus. I strongly recommend this program for anyone looking to build their network through connections with other CSR professionals and/or develop their knowledge in all aspects of CSR.


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Vancouver Community College
Florida Blockchain Foundation
India STEM Alliance
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Blockchain Center
Flash Forest
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Iron + Earth
STEM Clouds
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